A Seamless Transition

Get There with TradePMR

Migrating your clients to a new custodian sounds like a big task—and it is—but at TradePMR, we work hard to make it simpler for you and to minimize the impact on your clients. As an ACAT-eligible firm, transferring your accounts means there can be very little downtime and your clients’ positions can transfer in-kind.

Automatically Generated Electronic Forms and Signatures

Once your practice is activated on our platform, you can begin generating electronic account applications for your clients, including the account transfer form. A spreadsheet of all your clients’ data can be used to pre-populate account applications and transfer forms.

Your clients can sign their account application and account transfer form online with DocuSign® or on paper. Paper signed forms can be faxed, uploaded or mailed back to us for processing.

Batch Transfer Processing

After your clients have signed their forms, we leverage our clearing firm to process the transfers. Account transfers are submitted at once, and assets appear during a narrow timeframe in an effort to minimize the changeover period. Transfers can complete in as few as four business days, with only two days of downtime.

Personal Support and Technology Training

Through the transition period, we work hard to make sure every department is in sync working to serve you. To make coordination easier, you will have a relationship manager assigned to your practice to be your single point of contact who will help you get everything done. The support we offer is flexible to fit your firm’s needs: we can send a transition team to your office, host a webinar or interactive WebEx meeting, or just communicate by phone and email.

Your relationship manager also helps you leverage our technology to make the best of your practice. You and your staff will get personalized training on every aspect of our technology to help you do what you do best.

How can TradePMR help you transform your business?