The TradePMR Story

A unique set of experiences has produced a company of rare character and service ready to help advisors find their true independence

TradePMR’s technology is exactly what RIA’s need because it was developed with the first-hand experiences of its CEO, Robb Baldwin. Robb, a successful RIA, realized after a difficult custodial merger, that what advisors needed was not only tomorrow’s technology today, but also a broker-dealer uniquely focused on providing extraordinary support and service to advisors.

Instead of building another brokerage firm for individual investors, Robb created a firm solely for RIA’s. With that goal in mind, TradePMR delivered its first revolutionary workstation in 1998. Building on more than a decade of experience and utilizing the feedback of thousands of successful advisors, TradePMR has continued to transform its software, providing comprehensive technology solutions including basket trading, power trades and a full range of specialized tools, such as integrated Performance Reports.

TradePMR’s technological expertise has cemented its legacy within the RIA sphere. Through the years, TradePMR’s advisor workstations have undergone continual growth and refinement, which has consistently provided advisors with features only imagined by competitors. In 2008, TradePMR released its online advisor workstation, eCustody. eCustody provided new, existing and hybrid RIAs the kind of power and independence they needed to manage their accounts more efficiently. In 2013, TradePMR released Fusion, a desktop advisor workstation, which gained the attention of industry experts: Joel Bruckenstein called Fusion“…without a doubt the most impressive custodial interface I’ve ever seen.” Fusion was also awarded the “Innovation of the Year” award by Bill Winterberg in his annual Morningstar Advisor Magazine column.

TradePMR’s newest online platform, EarnWise, is designed to seamlessly integrate with today’s busy advisory firms, freeing operational staff and advisors to focus on clients. EarnWise’s online account opening and Robo solutions are proof that TradePMR continues to deliver its advisors the competitive advantage with its technology.

In 2011, TradePMR chose Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC as a provider for clearing services. First Clearing provides quality securities-execution and brokerage-clearance services to retail securities firms throughout the United States. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, First Clearing provides the benefit of a firm with a long heritage in the full-service brokerage business.

Today, thanks to TradePMR’s dedicated team members in Advisor Services, Trading, Cashiering, Accounts, Technology and Advisor Support, TradePMR is on the leading edge of providing brokerage and custodial services. True to its roots, TradePMR continues to focus on empowering advisors and their support staff with the tools they need to both effectively manage their business and provide exceptional support and service to their clients.