Advisor Services & Support


At TradePMR, our primary goal is to provide the absolute highest level of support and service to registered investment advisors. This starts with our effort to provide a seamless transition when migrating your clients, and continues with ongoing support every step of your journey.

A Seamless Transition

Migrating your clients to a new custodian sounds like a big task—and it is—but at TradePMR, we work hard to make it simpler for you and to minimize the impact on your clients.

As an ACAT-eligible firm, transferring your accounts means there can be very little downtime and your clients’ positions can transfer in-kind.

Ongoing Advisor Support


Moving client assets quickly and efficiently can create a lasting impression on new clients. Our Transfer Department can walk you through difficult conversions, making the movement of assets quick and easy.


Fund movement done quickly and accurately can make for long term client retention. Our Cashiering Department works hard to provide outstanding support for your clients’ monetary transactions.


Get client accounts updated, opened and closed with efficiency by our Accounts team, who is there to guide you from application completion to customer identification verification.


Professional staff who can guide you through complex option transactions, basket trades and model trading.

Custodial Services

Our relationship with First Clearing gives us access to a team of service-driven associates all working to provide our firm and advisors with unparalleled products, services, technology and operations support.

Now in its fourth decade of service to quality, independently owned broker-dealers, First Clearing strives to empower firms, their leaders, and their advisors to compete successfully and help their clients succeed financially.

How can TradePMR help you transform your business?