RIA Technology

Innovative, Powerful, Intuitive

TradePMR’s technology solutions are designed to be exactly what RIAs need because it’s been developed with the first-hand experiences of successful RIAs. Building on almost two decades of service, and utilizing the feedback of thousands of advisors, we are continually enhancing our platforms to meet the ever-changing needs of independent RIAs.

Technology Designed for RIAs

Mobile-ready, responsive, and intuitive, TradePMR’s RIA software solutions are designed to exceed your expectations with every click.

Enhance client service and ease the burden of day-to-day back-office operations with our new mobile solution, EarnWise, and desktop solution, Fusion. Designed distinctly for independent advisors, our technology platforms deliver a robust, comprehensive feature set — from portfolio rebalancing to a full range of specialized tools.

“The TradePMR philosophy is to give advisors a seamless experience and single interface whether they are using a TradePMR app or a third party’s. EarnWise appears to include most of the next generation tools that advisors require to take their businesses to the next level, and when you add in the partner integrations, it really takes TradePMR’s technology offering to the next level.”

Joel Bruckenstein

Financial Advisor Magazine, July 2017

EarnWise is our revolutionary new cloud-based mobile solution, featuring robo technology and client-driven account opening. Put the power of EarnWise in your pocket and conduct business more efficiently — anytime, anywhere.

On-the-Go Access

Smart phone and tablet compatibility for on-the-go meetings. Web-based solution that successfully operates on both Mac and PC.

Robo Client Solutions

With Robo, clients can open their own accounts from your website, with your approval, and can automatically place themselves into one of your investment models based on their answers to a series of short questions

Client Portal

Robo clients can log in to EarnWise and maintain their own accounts, which includes initiating their own ACAT and ACH transfers.

Advanced Integration

Advanced technology integrations for account aggregation packages.

Automated Risk Scoring

RIA-driven automated risk scoring for clients and investment models.

EarnWise in Action

Examples described above are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent a recommendation or guarantee of future performance or success, and may not be representative of a client’s experience. Past performance is not an indicator of future success.

Next-Generation Efficiency

With Fusion and EarnWise, TradePMR is dedicated to providing you the powerful, intuitive functionality you expect from an RIA platform, as well as a dedicated support team that understands your needs and works tirelessly to meet them.

Account Management

View and search through client accounts in a variety of simple ways including name, tax id, or account number. View details, history and account demographics with a single click.

View and manage all aspects of an individual account from one easy and intuitive workstation.


Quickly and efficiently trade on an individual account basis or on a position basis across multiple accounts. The system offers a variety of trading tools including:

  • Model Trading
  • Position Trading
  • Basket Trading
  • Trailing Stops

Fee Calculation

The TradePMR workstation includes a robust fee system that makes it easy to process fees in a timely manner. Firm billings can be calculated quickly and easily in keeping with your preferences, including in advance or arrears, as well as using average daily balance or end-of-period values.

Client Relationship Management

Manage your client contact information in the same environment where trades, transactions, and other functions are performed. Client contacts are created at the time of account opening, enabling advisors to enter notes, upload documents, schedule tasks, and review account demographics. TradePMR platforms also integrates with a variety of other leading CRM solutions on the market today.

Insight Advisor Portal

24/7 support is available through TradePMR’s Insight Advisor Portal. Insight gives advisors and their staff videos and step-by-step instructions on virtually every transaction available on our platforms. From contact information to best practices, Insight is an intuitive guide to all things TradePMR and should become an indispensable resource for your practice.

Performance Reporting

Optional Performance Reports provide robust and professionally crafted data, updated daily, to produce either individual account reports or consolidated reports that combine information from multiple accounts for a single household. Performance data can be compared to dozens of popular indexes or a blended index, utilizing up to 5 indexes of your choice.

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