September, 2015 – Gainesville, FL

TradePMR has announced the firm is currently developing new, integrated features designed to support online portfolio management and account opening for today’s robo-advisor strategies.

TradePMR is addressing the needs of the robo-advisor community by incorporating features designed specifically for today’s online investor and putting account opening and electronic portfolio selection at the client’s fingertips.

Building on the success of the Fusion Advisor Workstation which debuted as “Innovation of the Year” in Bill Winterberg’s Best Tech for Advisors column, the firm’s new technology promises to harness the best of traditional and robo-advisor business models in one easy-to-implement solution.

“The notion here is to help advisors work with millennials and other online investors by providing à la carte services to support new and existing relationships in their own communities on their own terms,” said TradePMR CEO Robb Baldwin. “We want to empower advisors by putting robo tools into their hands to wield at their discretion keeping them in the driver’s seat when it comes to implementing these types of technologies into their unique business models. Our goal at TradePMR has always been to come alongside advisors and help them compete in the marketplace.”

TradePMR has a number of robo-specific items on the development docket including:

  • Online, Client-facing Account Opening
  • Client Driven Investment Objectives
  • Electronic Portfolio Selection
  • Integrated Cashiering Features
  • Account Rebalancing
  • Performance Reporting

Developing these and other features specifically designed around addressing the needs of advisors seeking to implement a robo solution for new and existing clients will be a key focus of TradePMR’s development cycles over the next two quarters.

For more than a decade, TradePMR has addressed the technology and support demands of financial advisors with solutions that are easy to implement and user friendly. The firm’s experience in developing RIA-specific technology and support is certain to permeate the new robo offering and provide a compelling entry into the marketplace.

About TradePMR

TradePMR is a privately held Introducing Brokerage Firm (Member FINRA/SIPC) founded and located in Gainesville, Florida. Since 1999, the firm has maintained a singular focus of providing brokerage and custody services and support to Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and their clients. The firm delivers an integrated cloud-based workstation that enables RIAs to efficiently run their practices and be more effective.